Every nation has military personnel, and their work is to defend the country’s territorial integrity against foreign aggressors, offer a hand in emergency services, promote a political agenda, guard important areas, serve as a backup for the police in preserving internal security and safeguarding citizens and their property among other roles. With 196 countries on earth and each having their own military or rather the armed forces which among them do you think is the strongest of them all. Well in determining the most powerful armies in the world, Global Firepower website and Credit Suisse came up with a list of factors to consider in this selection. Some of the main factors to look at are the availability of manpower, finances, weapon diversity, geographical factors, land systems, nuclear stockpiles, logistical flexibility, NATO affiliation among other factors. Here is a list of the top 10 most powerful armies in the world.

  1. Italy

The Italian armed forces are among the top 10 most powerful armies in the world. The country armed forces consist of Carabinieri, the Guardia di Finanza, Italian Air Force, Italian Army and Italian Navy .the country military budget in 2017 is US$37.7 billion which is 1.27% of the country GDP. The other reasons why it’s on position ten is because it has around 320,000 active frontline personnel, 586 tanks, produces, a total naval strength of around 143, a total of 785 aircraft’s, and available manpower of around 28 million. The only problem with Italy is the low labour force to work on the resources.

  1. Germany

Germany army consists of Army, Navy, and Airforce. Germany today has been listed among the most powerful countries in terms of the armed forces and its history dates way back even before World War 1 and II. Today the Bundeswehr has an active frontline personnel of around 180,000 making it the second largest in the European Union, available manpower is around 37 million people, on 2017 the budget was €37 billion and don’t forget the active reserve personnel of around 145,000. Other factors that have contributed to its ninth position are 408 tanks, its 676 aircraft, its 5 submarines and its 5869 armoured fighting vehicles.

  1. Turkey

The military force of the Republic of Turkey is among the best most powerful armies in the world today.It consists of the Air Force, Navy and the Army and it’s the second largest standing military in NATO today. Although their budget is quite small compared to others since it has allocated $18.2 billion its active frontline personnel is around 410,500, people fit for the service is around 35million, they have 3778 tanks, 1007 aircraft, total naval strength is around 194, and the labour force is around 29 million making Turkey among the strongest armies in the world.


  1. Japan

Among the world’s foremost military powers it’s a country called Japan. Many analysts have rated Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force among the top five navies in the world today. Although the alliance between Japan and US have made Japan a strong army, there are other factors such as 44 million people fit for the service, an active frontline personnel of 250,000, total aircraft of about 1590, a labour force of around 66 million and a budget of around $41 million.


  1. United Kingdom

Apart from being economically powerful, the British army is also a powerful one. Also known as Her Majesty’s Armed Forces the Army has proved to be powerful even in the ages of Seven Years’ War, Crimean War, World War I and II. The British armed forces consist of Royal Air Force, British Army, Royal Marines and the Royal Navy. The British armed forces budget in 2017 is £48 billion that is around $55 billion; they have an active frontline personnel of around 150,000 and 24 million people fit for the service. Other things that make the United Kingdom military strong is their 407 tanks, 879 aircraft, a labor force of 32 million among other factors.

  1. France

The French armed forces are comprised of National Gendarmerie of France, French Navy, French National Guard, French Air Force and French Army. The reason why French military is superior to British army is they have 205,000 active frontline personnel; they have 23 million fit personnel for the service, around 423 tanks, 1282 aircraft’s, a total naval strength of around 118, a labor force of 30 million and a finance budget of $35 billion.

  1. India

The Indian armed forces consist of Indian Air Force, Indian Army and the Indian Navy. Indian armed forces are the 3rd largest military force in the world and the world’s largest volunteer army. They have around 1.3 million active frontline personnel, around 2 million active reserve personnel, 490 million fits for the service, around 6400 tanks, around 2000 aircraft, a total naval strength of 295 and a budget of around $53 billion which is 2.4 of 2017 GDP.

  1. China

The Chinese armed forces known as Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is the world’s largest military force with about 2.3 million active frontline personnel, and almost 2.3 active reserve personnel. This armed forces represent the People’s Republic of China and the Communist Party of China (CPC).Its divided into the Air Force, Strategic Support Force, Ground Force, Rocket Force, and Navy. It’s the fastest growing military in the world and has a budget of around $150 billion making it the second largest defence budget in the world.in addition to their heavy budget they have around 800 million labor force, its total naval strength is 714, total aircraft is 2900, 9100 tanks and don’t forget their 600 million people fit for the service.

  1. Russia

Russia has the second most powerful armed force in the world. They might not have a big budget like China whose budget is double Russia’s since they have only $60 billion but when we look at air power, and land systems, Russia dominates in what generally we call armoury. They have about 15000 tanks, and more than 3500 aircraft and in addition an active frontline personnel of 766,000 people and an active reserve personnel of 2 million.

1.The United States of America

The United States certainly had to be in the first position since its economically mighty and generally a super power. The American military superiority has remained unrivalled even Vladimir Putin admits to that. The US has dominated across the sea, the air, land and even in space. A country that has a budget of $590 billion which is 3.3% of the GDP certainly has an advanced and powerful equipment such as its 13500 aircraft, 8850 tanks, a huge force of about 1.4 million frontline personnel and 1.1 million active reserve personnel. In addition to that, they do have 120 million people fit for the service and a labor force of about 155 million.