10 Weirdest Ad Campaigns


Any product or a service marketer out there will tell you that competition for customers is fierce and in order to succeed one has to upgrade the marketing skills from traditional forms of marketing to digital marketing methods.To put one’s brands out there and capture the attention of audience eyeballs you have to have an ad campaign that not only is funny, but has a provocative image, easily recalled, connects with the audience and finally calls for viewer’s action. However, not all ad campaigns do achieve the intended impact rather they end up being bizarre. Here is a list of the top 10 weirds ad campaigns ever.

10.Domino’sSriracha pizza

Just the other day Domino’s wanted to promote their new Sriracha Pizza in Israel and ran one of the most controversial adverts that went round on the internet. The S&M advert featured a tongue trusted up in S&M gear; ball gagged and hanging from chains. The ad totally was connecting the pizza to sexual fetishes, and hence it was a real conversational starter.

  1. Quiznos’ Spongmonkeys

Back in 2004 Quiznos restaurants had an ad that was created by a guy named Joel Veitch. These little furry deformed rat-like creatures made people lose their appetite rather than gain it and in addition gave some people horrific nightmares. The freaky Spongmonkeys adverts were destined to transform the sub sandwich chain and encourage customers to buy their delicious sandwiches but since the eyes bulge and shrink as they screech that alone was a bizarre act that people’s appetite shrink.

  1. Desigual condom ad


Desigual a Spanish based fashion company on Sunday may 4th a mother’s Day in Spain released a controversial TV ad featuring a young woman who was hoping to get pregnant, standing in front of a mirror admired her belly which was stacked with a pillow making her look pregnant and started poking holes in her packaged condoms. The ad caused an outrage in social media and women condemned the company for encouraging dishonest and irresponsible behaviour although the company initial thought was to produce a humorous spot.


  1. Braniff Airlines

Although they ceased their operations in 1982, they had one of the funniest weird advert in the history of airlines. In 1977 after installing their first class with leather seats they made a slogan that read “ Fly in leather”, and even though this sounds correct to English speaking people to Spanish speakers, it read “ Vuelaen Cuero”, meaning fly naked. Most Spanish travellers avoided the airline, and they just had to drop the slogan.


  1. Parker

Parker is one of the leading creators of fine writing instrumentals in the world and have been in the business since 1888. Just like any other brand after making one of their finest product the “leakproof pen,” they decided to put an advert on it and a slogan which read “it won’t leak in your pockets and embarrass you”. For those who quite understand English the slogan was okay, but if you translate the slogan into Spanish-language it will read “it won’t leak in your pockets and make you pregnant”.

  1. Ford Pinto

Ford Motor company has always been on top of the automobile industry as they are the fifth largest in the world. Ford do make both commercial vehicles and automobiles since a business they started in 1903. Even though they are among the best manufacturers of affordable cars sometimes they do make mistakes that have negative impacts on sales. A good example is the 1971 Ford Pinto which did well in the United States and other Europe countries but did badly in Brazil. In Brazil Pinto meant “small male genitals”, and the fact that no man would like such a name on his car the sales were on the low side.

  1. Ford Figo ad by JWT

Just the other day in 2013 Ford and its ad agency JWT India apologised for a controversial ad that we were never meant to see and just surfaced online. The tasteless cartoonish Ford Figo ad featured the former disgraced Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi who had many affairs with three tied women in the trunk of his car. The ad went ahead to read in a tag line “Leave your worries behind with Figo’s extra-large boot,”. A company with such a reputation had to apologise to the world and to BI.

  1. Puffs

Among the biggest brands of tissue in the United States in Puffs. They do say their tissues are not just an ordinary tissue as they are the best to fight everyday allergies and sneezes. The product when it was launched in the United States, sales skyrocketed, and as a business, the company decided to find other markets in other countries especially Europe. However, in Germany, the product sales was not doing so well since the world puff means “brothel or “whorehouse”, and in England, a similar trend was noticed since the product word was a slang that meant “homosexual”.


  1. Coors

The giant multinational brewing company Molson Coors Brewing which is the seventh largest brewer in the planet by volume have had an experience too with some of their beers ads. Coors one of their brands apparently was doing so well in united states with its slogan “Turn it Loose” however that slogan didn’t do so well in non-English speaking countries especially Spanish affiliated countries since the slogan translated in Spanish means “ suffer from diarrhoea”. Sales in Spanish countries soared, and the company had to change the slogan almost immediately.


In 1993 there was a launch of an ad campaign by America Daily Association encouraging people to drink cow’s milk. The ads were so good that in a matter of days they went viral and more consumption of cow’s milk was achieved. The problem came when the campaign was taken to Spanish speaking countries as the two simple words “got milk” were translated to “are you lacting”. This was not taken so well by Spanish-speaking women who felt offended by the message in the ad.