Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds With Crown


Crown is the sign of Kings which is being in use from hundreds or years by the mankind. However there are many creatures by the nature who are awarded exceptional beauty and crowns on their heads. Ten most beautiful multicolour birds from different areas of the world that are holding this mark of honour are listed below.

1. Kolonvo or Great Blue Turaco

This is one of the most beautiful birds on earth, Kolonvo is very colourful and attractive bird, also called Great Blue Turaco and this is found in equatorial Western Africa. This bird has black and blue raised crest, yellow and black body plumage, her tipped beak has red and bright yellow colours. Blue Turaco can grow 72 to 76 cm in length. African people hunt it for feathers and meat.


2. Snowball Bird or Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

This is another one of the most beautiful birds with a pride of yellow crest on her head. The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is similar to parrot and is being demanded as a pet by the people. It is noted that the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is the first bird that is capable of synchronising movements to music. This bird is found in Australia, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is very numerous in some parts of Australia. These birds are very intelligent and curious.


3. Crested Partridge

As the name of this bird is showing that this bird also has a Crest on her head, Crested Partridge is a short tailed round bird that has a quality of sexual dimorphism. Male Crested Partridge is tall and its body is of dark metallic green colour, red pouf, however female Crested Partridge has a pea green body having no crest on her head. Crested Partridge is found in the rainforest of Southeast Asia.

4. Kagu

Beautiful Kagu has unique nasal corns, no other bird shared this feature. This bird has a long crest and bluish grey plumage. This is an unusual and flightless bird which is found in the dense mountain forests of the New Caledonia. This bird is famous as the ghost of the forest in the local people of New Caledonia. Before 1977 it was fashionable to pet Kangus when a campaign started in the country for the conservation of this bird.

5. Grey Crowned Crane or African Crane

This bird has a crown of stiff golden feathers with gray body plumage. Grey Crowned Crane is also called as African Crane, as the name shows this bird is found in African countries like Kenya and Uganda. This is the national bird of Uganda. The Cranes, the Black Crowned Cane and other species that are closely related to African Crane live on trees.

6. Hoopoe

Hoopoe is found in the Africa, Asia and Europe. This is the national bird of Israel. It has a white and bold black stripes; its body is of pinkish brown while its crown has black tips on it. Hoopoe has a slightly bent and a long beak which is a very important tool for her, Hoopoe uses her long peak to dig the ground and find some food for her.


7. Royal Flycatcher

Royal Flycatcher has a very beautiful long ornate crest on her head that has beautiful blue and black spotting on its top and other crest is of orange and red colours. It has a long bill and tail and it also has mostly brown plumage. This bird is very rare in all over the world. Royal Flycatcher inhabits in the deciduous evergreen and humid forests in the world.

8. Polish Chicken

Polish Chicken is basically a European breed of chicken however there are many verities of the Polish Chicken like frizzled, non-bearded and bearded, Polish Chicken in the European countries however its origin of bread is still a controversial topic. Polish Chicken has V-shaped small comb, Crest of Polish Chicken is very large that hides its earlobes and affects its vision. This can have a great effect on the temperament of this bird.

9. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon has a maroon chest, a deep blue grey plumage, and irises are of hot red colour. Victoria Crowned Pigeon has a blue lace which is a very beautiful, distinct feature of her body. Its size is up to 75 cm long which makes it the largest pigeon on earth. Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a native bird of New Guinea. This is a ground dwelling bird, name of this bird commemorates the name of Queen Victoria.

10. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo or Pink Cockatoo

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is a very beautiful and very popular bird in list of other cockatoos. Crest of Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is yellow and red and it has a contrast of soft texture and salmon pink white plumage. This bird’s name is in honour of a great surveyor and explorer whose name was Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, he appears in South East Australia. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo has very long life a cockatoo died on 27th August 2016 was 82 years and 89 days old which is the oldest Cockatoo in the world.