Best Pokemon Go Map Websites to Find Pokemon Near You In Real Time


You will agree with me that it irritates getting up, going outside and walking around trying to find Pokémon the old fashioned way. Wandering aimlessly with just a limited clue from the unreliable Pokémon Go’s built-in tracker will not yield to the ultimate prize of catching ‘em all. Thankfully some fans  have gone ahead ignoring Niantic threat of blocking third party trackers and created some third party apps and maps which make it way much easier for gamers to track down rare,epic Pokémon or find the exact location of Gyms, pokestops and wild Pokémon. If you want to find Lapras, Pikachu, Mr.Mime, Electabuzz, Scyther easily here is a list of Pokémon Go maps to help you stay on top in Pokémon Go.

Poké refers itself as “the best real-time radar for Pokemon”.The map scans and shows the location of Pokémon span points in the real world and in real time. It has also a feature that makes it the best and most accurate map to use as it’s collaborative in nature meaning players can participate by marking their discoveries. The map apart from displaying the moves and statistics of Pokémonit has an advanced built in chat functions which enables a Pokémon player to connect his or her social accounts and chat with fellow Pokémonplayers. The map allows players to search for postcodes, while Pokestops are in blue and Gyms are in red it makes it easy to discover the location you are heading is a addition to the website there is also an app you can download and use.


Hunting down the rare characters always has proved to be seemingly an impossible task but thankfully a team work between developer David Piesse, GiffGaff and what3words came up with findcatchshare mapping tool. The amazing thing about findcatchshare maps tool is that players easily can find all the pokestops and Gyms within their area. In addition Pokémon players can as well locate recharging points so that one does not run out of battery, some seats, drink locations, and food. Better still the tool has a “sighting”, a feature that helps players discover where other players have located rare Pokémon across Ireland and UK. Players here do double click on the map or tap on their screens when they locate a pokedata or report their sightings.

Poké Radar


Unfortunately Poke radar’s web map is no longer available but they do have a poke radar app that you should download on your iOS. Sometimes findcatchshare although it’s a great tool to locate Gyms and pokestops it’s not the best when it comes to up to date information which you badly need if your mission and objective is track down a specific Pokémon. When a specific Pokémon has spawned in an area poke Radar in real time pinpoints its location by placing a cartoon on the map showing you exactly where it Pokémon is. You can also be able to tell when a Pokémon is about to vanish and you can be able to tell when a very rare Pokémon is spotted since it will spawn for a very short time so if you’re in need of a rare Pokémon like Gyarados poke-map get poke radar.


Another effective website to find a Pokémon is pokefind. Some of the reasons why you should check it out its because it has aPokémon Go evolution CP calculator which enables you as a player to evaluate how much combat power your Pokémon will possess after its evolution. You can as well be able to categorize Pokémon by type.


Created by Open ridePokemapper is a crowdsourced Pokémon sightings map that is currently being used by all the world players. Themap shows Pokémon locations at a global level and at local level as well. They also display real time news regarding Pokémon keeping players updated with current events.


The creation of was driven by lack of qualify reliable information within he Pokémon GO community for locations of Pokestops and gyms. The site is a crowdsourced map hence there is minimal chance of crashing or even shows locations of all stops and gyms in the world and usually when a discovery s made players are able to rate whether it’s a fake or a real discovery. The site has also taken measures against spamming by tagging a posters IP address on the pin.