The Most Expensive 10 Dog Breeds in the World


In the world, there are over 400 breeds of dogs and coming into a resolution which among them fetches more value in the market can be certainly a herculean task. The man’s best friend price is determined by several factors such as location, the rarity of the breed, breeder, and purity of the breed among other several factors. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive dogs with a truly unbelievable price tag.

  1. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow also known as “SongshiQuan” in China which means “puffy lion dog” is one of the most expensive dogs one can own in the world. The dog fetches around $3000-$8000 in the is believed the chow chow first was breed in Mongolia about 4000 years ago and later introduced in the southern provinces of is thought the Chow Chow served as a hunting, guarding and a pointing dog for the nobles. The dogs are small in nature, weigh around 20-30 kgs, easy to train, and they aren’t that aggressive.

  1. Akita

One of the most expensive Japanese dogs is Akita as it goes up for sale for $3500-$ is a renowned loyal dog which is large and powerful and in addition very intelligent. Their initial task was to guard the royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, hunt and track down animals. The dog is very friendly especially to family members, needs a lot of exercises and requires low maintenance.

  1. Chinese Crested Hairless

Another Chinese breed which is a bit exotic and has a strange appearance is the Chinese Crested Hairless. Remember there two chines crested dogs the hairless and powderpuff. Their origin is in Africa where they are called “African Hairless Terriers”. Usually, they are very friendly and bond easily, well mannered, agile, weigh about 5kgs, and need a daily walk. When the dog falls in love with someone be sure it can follow you anywhere, and that’s how social they can get. In the market, you will find them going for $5000.


  1. Pharaoh Hound

I can say among the most beautiful dogs is Pharaoh hound which has been for more than 5000 years.the dog was ancient Egyptian kings dog that was used by the Pharaohs to guard and hunt. The dog is quite intelligent, very playful, very responsive to training, social with other dogs and they are the national dog of Malta. You will get one in the market for $3000-$7000.

  1. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is among the most popular dog globally taking the second position in the United States and the fourth position in the United Kingdom. The dog is usually found with the military and the police nearly in every country for it’s a popular dog to fight crime, drug & bomb detection, search and rescue even herding. The dog commonly is black and tan and due to its versatile nature, intelligence, strength and its skills usually you will find one going for more than $6500 in the market depending on its training.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff

Also known as Tsang-khyi which translates to “nomad dog” the Tibetan Mastiff is ancient breed with its origins in Asia specifically central Asia. The dog is found with the nomadic tribes as it is good for guarding livestock and people. Its a dog that is extremely intelligent, can survive in high altitude regions and in hard climates and not so easy to train no wonder its regarded as a primitive dog. The dog made history in the world for selling at $2millio in China making it one of the most expensive dog to have ever been sold at such price. In the normal markets, you will find it going for $5000-$9000.

  1. Canadian Eskimo Dog

Canadian Eskimo Dog is among the North America most rarest and oldest indigenous dogs. It’s a breed that originates in the Artic regions of Canada and was popular with Inuit people who settled there about 2000 years ago. The dog was very important to the Inuit people as it provided a means of travel by sledge, was used as a guard and a hunting dog as well. In the world today they are not many, but if you are considering to buy one, you must have around $6000 in your wallet.

  1. Samoyed

The dog got its name from the SiberiasSamoyede people who bred it for the purpose of hunting, herding, tracking and haul sledges. Today they are among the most expensive dogs going in the market at a minimum price of $6500.they are gentle, very social, doesn’t require much exercise, doesn’t bark excessively and its good looking.

  1. Rottweiler


liegender / lying Rottweiler

For many years the Rottweiler has been a dog for guarding, pulling carts and drive livestock for long distances. Its a very powerful dog that is substantially built making them formidable guards no wonder they were among the earliest dogs to serve in the military and police. The dog is a bit stubborn, very protective especially to its family being the humans and very loyal to family. If you like the dog have with you $7000 -$8000and don’t forget the dog needs some regular training and exercises to keep it in its best fitness.

  1. Lowchen

A dog that can be only be described as a true little lion due to its bravely its Lowchen which certainly is a dog of royalty. The Lowchen irrespective of its small size will bark down German shepherd and even a Great Dane. The dog is smart, very adaptable to different environments, very obedient, agile and most social dog you can have no wonder its called a toy dog. Its very rare and unique breed and its price would be not less than $7000-$10000.