The Most Expensive Top 10 Watches in the World


Probably you have read somewhere that “time once lost can never be regained” and “time and tide wait for no man”, these are phrases of wise men that highlight the significance of time to humans. And just to affirm how important every tick and tack a sound of a watch is, hoping I don’t sound too scary though it’s the bitter truth, every second, minute, an hour gone brings you closer to meeting your maker. Regarding the value attached to time someone somewhere decided to put some value into the very gadgets used to look at the time, and the result was to add some stylishness, some sophistication and elegance. What really makes these watches unique and very expensive is the rare materials used and time used to make since some were made using hundreds of diamonds, others very rare stones, meteor and other materials. With all that said let’s have a look at the top 10 most expensive watches in the world in 2017.


Louis Moinet whose legacy has lived on to this day through his concept of complicated watches and chronograph made this Meteoris watch as to be among his great works. The watch which is technically a set of four stunning, unique tourbillon timepieces they were all made using rare meteorite. Some of the materials used to construct them were materials obtained from the moon, Mars, Asteroid and Rosetta stone. Apart from the rare materials used to construct it what makes the watch more beautiful is the magnificent tourbillion movement and the Meteoris planetarium which depicts the solar system. The watch was sold for $4.6 million.

9. HUBLOT – BIG BANG $5million

This watch has an excess of diamonds that have been crusted together no wonder the company that made it claimed this is their most precious timepiece it has ever created. Hublot Big Bang, was made using 18K white gold case, the case has 302 baguette diamonds, the dial which is 18K white gold hold another179 baguettes diamonds, the bracelet itself which is 18K has a total of 782 baguette diamonds, and as if that’s not all the crown which is 18K white gold has 1 rose cut diamond plus 12 additional baguettes, and an additional six emerald-cut diamonds. All totalling to 1282 diamonds. Jay-Z the famous hip hop artist owns the Hublot Big Bang which was bought by her wife as a birthday gift to him


The man behind one of the most highly complicated mechanical watch is Vacheron Constantin. He made a timepiece that can only be defined as more than a normal timepiece. The watch which was made using white gold has 57 complications, has 242 jewels, 31 hands, 26 calendars among them the Hebrew, astronomical, lunar, religious, 7 alarm functions, 10 patents, a power reserve of 60 hours, 2826 individual components, movement power reserve indicator, time setting in two positions and two directions, power-reserve indication for the striking train among other functions. With all these features the watch deserved its price of $8 million


7. PATEK PHILIPPE REFERENCE 1518 $11 million.

The question in many peoples mind is why an old steel be more collectable than so-called rare precious metals? Well, to answer you this watch can be arguably be said it’s the most complicated wrist watch ever made in a stainless steel metal, and the first stainless steel and the only watch with a perpetual calendar chronograph and don’t forget either that this is a vintage watch. Some of the key features of the watch are its 24 complications, a tachymeter scale, and a moon phase indicator among other remarkable features. The watch was sold for 11 million in a Switzerland auction.


Unveiled in Basel world in 2015 by Jacob & Co the Billionaire watch is one of the unique timepieces. What really makes this timepiece a masterpiece it’s the number of diamonds the movement and the collaboration with Flavio Briatore who controls the Billionaire Lifestyle SARL. The watch comes with a world record of 239 emerald cut baguette diamond stones, the case and the bracelet are made of 18K white gold with sapphire, and it houses the JCAMO9 tourbillon, 19jewels, a power reserve of 72 hours, 167 components, among other amazing features. When this watch was made it brought about a revolution to the creators of diamond watches. The watch goes for as little as $18 million just in case you are a billionaire.


Talk of super complicated watches a good example is Henry Graves J.R Super complication designed by Patek Philippe .it’s one unique timepiece and among the most expensive ones for a good come up with a complete watch the amount of time it took just to design was 3 years and 5 years more to complete it and come up with a finished product. The watch though it’s designed and manufactured by Patek Philippe it was named after Henry Graves J.R who commissioned it. Some of the features that make this 18 karat gold watch a super complication is its 24 different functions, which some of them are Striking train up/down indication, Going train up-down indication, a perpetual calendar, an equation of time, sunrise and sunset indicators, Perpetual calendar, Chronograph, chime among others. The watch fetched $24 million.

4. CHOPARD 210 KARAT. $26 million

Looking at the watch at a close range you might confuse it for a bracelet. It’s among the Chopard most expensive watches in the world and just to understand why such a cost for a watch then have a look at some of its features. The watch is adorned with 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds, 1 heart shaped pink flawless diamond with about 15 carats, 1 fancy blue heart shaped diamond with 12 carats, 3 pear shaped diamonds with 8 carats, about 260 colour D flawless pear-shaped diamonds, 443 FC diamonds, 1 D colour flawless heart shaped diamond, 48 fancy yellow round diamonds, 91 flawless D colour diamonds all totalling to 210 Karats. The watch price tag is $26 million.


Also known as The Breguet No. 160 grand complication the watch was designed purposely for Queen Marie Antoinette by his alleged lover the renowned watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. Unfortunately, Queen Marie Antoinette dint live to see the masterpiece of a watch that was made for her since she died long before it was completed about 34 years after her death. The has exchanged many hands to a point it was stolen for nearly 25 years and only recovered in the year 2007. Some of the features present in the watch are a bimetallic thermometer, a minute repeater, Chime, power reserve indicator, perpetual calendar, Chronograph among others. Some of the materials used to make the watch are gold, sapphires, platinum and rubies. Today the watch is priced at $30 million and can be found at L.A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem.


The house or rather the company Graff came up with a watch that can do more than look at the time. Called The Fascination the watch is one of the most valuable convertible diamond watch ever created. This timepiece contains 152.96 carats of white diamonds, and in addition, there is a detachable 38.13 carat D flawless pear-shaped diamond which can be worn like a ring and a watch dial. This is one masterpiece that was carefully crafted to be worn in a number of ways no wonder it’s priced at $40 million.


Another masterpiece by Graff Diamond and the most expensive and valuable watch to date is Graff Hallucination. This watch is a representation of what exactly a by-product of coloured diamonds can look like. The watch was made for a lady and some of the features that make it hold the number one position in our list of the most expensive top 10 watches in the world is its 110 carats rare diamonds which are on a platinum bracelet. Some of the colours in the diamonds are vivid yellow, light grey blue, fancy green intense pink fancy orange among others. The watch market price is at $55 million.