Top 10 Hottest Plus-Sized Models of 2017


We are everyday bombarded with advertisements about how the sexy bodies are or must be. Sexy women should have slim bodies to be considered sexy and healthy. But on the other side many women are very sucessful attracting men with big curves and big buts, of course there are women that are just fat, but there are those plus size women that are so sexy.

It has been proven that lingeries and bras sell more with plus-sized models and those plus sized models keep popping up here and there and we don’t know if this is the start of a new trend about the femaly beauty.

Here we are showing today the top 10 plus size models arownd the world .


1. Precious Victoria Lee

2. Jessica Leahy


3. Grisel Paula

4. Bianca Bombshell

5. Danika Brysha

6. Louise O’Reilly

7. Cleo Fernandes

8. Maggie Yumi Brown

9. Iskra Lawrence

10. Anita Marshall