Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World


Today mobile phones have become nearly a basic need in our generation. A 3-year-old baby with a high IQ knows how to operate a mobile phone and only a handful of people globally who don’t know how to use it, but probably they are very very old or incapacitated to own one. Some time ago a mobile phone was just being used as a gadget of connectivity, but today the simplicity has been replaced with a variety of other purposes such as business, networking, and entertainment, among others. With the evolution of specs on mobile phones, the prices have been affected as well making some phones to be priced at $40 while others at $1000. However, there is a ravishing trend of accessorising mobile phones by luxury designers that suit the rich and famous. If you think that buying a phone at $1000 is extremely expensive then here is a list of the top 10 most expensive mobile phones that will shock you and make your eyes pop out due to disbelief.

  1. Vertu Signature Cobra $310,000

Vertu is a well-known brand that has a history of making some of the world’s expensive phones using some expensive materials. Vertu Signature Cobra is a good example of a classic premium phone and one of the most expensive phones in their line-up. The phone has a shape similar to that of Cobra no wonder its named after the animal. It has a snake that wraps itself around the edges and is encrusted with diamonds. The eyes of the snake have two emeralds, and the body is made up one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond and there nearly 450 rubies on the body of that snake. The jewel encrusted on the snake makes the phones price to be $310,000

  1. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot $1million

Some years ago there were not many phones with a seven-digit price tag on them, but today that scenario has changed. Manufactures have reached a whole new level, and a good example is Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. The main reason as to why the phone is priced at $1 million is the presence of 45.5K black diamonds, and two century old African Blackwood that covers its back. Other notable features are its frame which s made up of 180 grams of gold, and a keypad made of sapphire which weighs 32K. The manufacturer just made three units of the phone in the whole world.

  1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone $ 1.3 million

The collaboration between Moscow’s JSC Ancort Company and Peter Aloisson the renowned Austrlian jeweller who is the designer and inventor of the first world’s diamond encrusted mobile phone made the Diamond Crypto Smartphone. So what makes this phone worth a whopping $1.3 million? The phone has a powerful encryption technology making it one of the most secure phones to use, and in addition it is covered with 50 diamonds of which 10 of them are rare blue diamonds. Its navigation key is made up of 18 carat rose gold.


  1. GoldVish Le Million $1.3 million

Goldvish is a well-known Swiss manufacturer of high-end luxury mobile phones. The company over the years has specialised in merging high-end technology with Swiss artistry and a good example of a by-product is GoldVish Le Million phone. The phone was designed by the most aesthetic hands of Swedish designer Emmanuel Gueit who knew probably what a woman needs when he made the phone in 2006.The phone even made it to Guinness Book of World record for retailing at 1 million Euros in 2006. The reason why the phone is so expensive is because it’s made up of 18 carat white, and on top of this mounted with 12-carat VVS-1 Graded diamonds. It has also a Gold enamel that makes it look classy for a lady.

  1. iPhone 3G King’s Button $2.5 million

The phone was created and introduced in the market in 2009 March a month we all remember as World financial crisis, but Austrian Jeweller Peter Aloisson would have none of it. Known for creating some of the world’s budget unfriendly phones which are totally extravagant luxurious, he came up with then the most expensive Apple iPhone 3G in the market that was retailing at $2.5 million.As a true jeweller he made a phone that has 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The white gold line is encrusted with 138 brilliant cut diamonds and in addition replaced the iPhone standard plastic home button with a rare 6.6 carat diamond making it one of his best works.

  1. iPhone 6 Amosu Call Of Diamond $2.7 million

Alexander Amosu the legendary designer designed an iPhone 6 that has a solid body of 18 carat gold. The iPhone 6 is worth its price since it took Alexander 2 months to fix 6,127 VVS1 diamonds and replace the Apple logo with a flawless cut diamond weighing 51.29 carat. The phone took iPhone luxury phones line a notch higher at a price of $2.7 million

  1. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB $3.2 million

It seems like iPhone are doing great when it comes to branding them. The Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G designed by Stuart Hughes is among the most expensive phones on the planet today for several reasons. The iPhone has a casing that is made of 271g of 22 carats of gold, 132 F diamonds coated on it and the home button decorated with a rare 7.1 carat diamond.As if that’s not all it has a swish case which is made up of a single block of granite and decorated with Kashmir gold and the lining is made with Nubuck animal skin

  1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB $8 million

On the third position is another product from Hughes the Diamond Rose iPhone 4.when you look at the specs the phone is not great at all but whatever is encrusted with that’s what gives the Diamond rose the value its worth. The phone has a total of 500 individual flawless diamonds, the Apple Logo has 53 diamonds, and the rear section made using rose gold, the navigation button is made of platinum and holds 7.4 carat pink diamond, the chest is made up of granite, and in addition comes with 8ct single cut Flawless diamond for replacing the pink diamond. That’s a lot of jewellery in one single phone no wonder its going for $8 million.

  1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond  $15million

Among the best luxurious mobile phones in the market today iPhone 5 Black Diamond holds the second position in our list of top 10 most expensive phones in the world. If you have a $15 million laying idle and you’re wondering what classy gadget can I find out there then here is your solution. Designed by non-other but Stuart Hughes the brand that has made its name by designing the most expensive phones in the world it’s one of the most beautiful phones. The phone took around 9 weeks to complete it and the scope of the work was to fix 600 flawless white diamonds in the chassis, replace the Apple logo with solid gold and 53 flawless diamonds, a sapphire glass on the screen, and in addition, the phone has 135 grams of 24ct gold.Also, the home button has flawless black diamond weighing in at 26 cts.


  1. FaconSuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 $95million

In 2014 the price of this phone was around $48.5 million, but today the price has skyrocketed to unbelievable $95 million. The phone has topped in the list of most expensive mobile phones in the market with its bundle of stunning features and its design. The US luxury Brand Falcon pushed the price of luxury mobile phones to the roof when they placed a huge pink diamond on the back of the iPhone, and its cover made up of 18 carat gold casing making it the most expensive smartphone out there in the world.